Electric Combi Boiler FAQ


Electric boiler has gained popularity as the best heating system option in the market. Range of electric boiler products are now widely available from various brands with different spec. If you’re planning to install electric boiler, you may have some questions crossing in your mind. Here are some FAQs about the electric combi boilers along with the answers:

Can electric boilers be alternative to or replace gas boilers?

Yes, electric boiler has the same function as gas boilers in the domestic heating system and hot water system but with more advantages. Electric boilers are powered by electricity with efficiency rate of 99.9% where no heat lost during the process. Other advantages including cheaper installation, no additional storage & saving space, safer,and more reliable for home domestic heating system. Electric boilers have higher running cost but free your from regular and heavy maintenance obligation.

What are the differences between electric boilers and gas boilers?

Electric boilers and gas boilers have differences mainly on efficiency rate, economical measures, practical measures, and safety measures electric boilers as the major winner. Electric boilers are way more efficient than gas boiler, with a rate of 99.9% - 100%. Electric boilers requires a low maintenance cost for repairs and part replacements due to minimum mechanical parts. Electric boilers have a more compact size and simply safer operation.

Why do I need smart thermostat for my boiler?

Electric boilers are gaining popularity due to its extensive advantages. Despite being so efficient, electric boilers are also silent when operating. It requires a simple and cheaper installation work, saves space with compact design, and demands a very low maintenance requirements. Electric boilers provides such comforts and conveniences which suit modern lifestyle.

Why are electric boilers gaining popularity?

Smart thermostat allows you to connect your heating system with your handled gadgets through home Wi-Fi connections. It allows you to access and control your home heating system via mobile app including setting & monitoring temperature, activate energy saving mode, and geofencing. Smart thermostat also adjust the heating system performance with your lifestyle or as you’ve preset. The use of thermostat is no longer optional if you want a greener heating system, reduce electricity bills, and get a convenient control. Smart thermostat also comes with the stylish design creating a futuristic atmosphere in your interior.

How do magnetic filters help protect my heating system?

Magnetic filters works by attracting metal debris and storing them in the separate vessel. The filter prevent such sludge entering the heating pump and installation, being trapped and accumulated there which cause the blocking and reduced heating performance. Metal debris can damage your water heater in the long-term and even cause it stopping to operate. At this point, magnetic filters prolong your boiler’s lifespan as well.

What are top brands of electric combi boilers?

There are various brands of electric combi boilers in the market. Some of top brands include Elnur, Comet and Heatrae Sadia Electromax. These electric combi boilers features two systems including home heating and hot water system. They’re completely powered with electricity and featured with advanced technical specs.