Why Electric Boilers

Many people are wondering whether gas boilers can actually be replaced by electric heaters. The answer is obvious that an electric combi boiler is an even better alternative to the gas boiler in many aspects. You can basically eliminate disadvantages gas boiler by using the electric on. These are how an electric combi boiler can be a great alternative to gas boilers at this very now:

No Additional Costs

Electric Spark

Even though the average-annual running cost of an electric boiler is still higher than gas, but you won’t deal with any additional costs. As you might have known that the gas boiler needs yearly inspection and certification cost while electric boiler doesn’t need one. A gas boiler requires you to invest in expensive installation and additional cost for an extension to the nearest gas grid. With high-efficiency rate, an electric combi boiler allows paying only for what you’ve used.

Good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating

UK uses EPC to summarize how efficient a property is and they have strict regulation on it. An electric boiler has an efficiency rate of up to 100% while gas boiler loses more heat during the operation. The use of an electric boiler will certainly improve your property EPC rating. In fact, it’s also stated that improving your heating system is one of the core factors in EPC. The certificate is provided for ten years so it seems that the use of an electric boiler is inevitable.

Suits All Properties

Electric combi boilers come with a range of supply capacities which can covers from mansion house to apartment. Even if you’re living in a small apartment unit with a 100Amp electricity supply, you can have an independent electric boiler which consumes only half or less your power supply. Of course, more rigid research and consultation highly recommended ensuring the compatibility of the electric boiler with your current property.

No Additional Storage

Unlike a gas boiler, an electric boiler requires no extensive pipeline installation and no additional storage. Electric boilers come with compact design and size which even fits your interior. Instead of being installed separately in your basement or even in a different building, the electric boiler can be hung on any wall wherever there are water pipe installations. This way, you can simply save space in your home from any storage or big hardware requirements.

Considerably Safer

Not only that they generate gas emissions to the environment, but gas boilers also have some hazardous risks like a gas leak and flue issue. Electric boilers are completely powered by electricity and you can eliminate the risks and hazards possessed by conventional gas boilers. At this point, electric boilers are considerably safer than a gas boiler and they have a very low reported malfunction.

More Reliable

In most cases, electric boilers are more reliable than the gas one. It requires no annual check-ups and no regular maintenance. They’re built with less mechanical parts which require a range of repairs and replacement in the long run. Despite saving maintenance cost, you can keep peace of the mid with a more reliable boiler which can operate anytime in the long run.