Electric Combi Boiler Comparison

What's the best option?

If you’re still wondering what’s better between electric combi boilers and gas boilers, you’re not alone and you’re reading the right article now. We can have a better overview with a comparison between two types of boilers. There are at least four major elements when comparing an electric boiler and a gas boiler including efficiency rate, economical measures, practical measures, and safety measures, let’s check them out.

Efficiency Rate

Electric Spark

Compared to gas boilers, electric boilers has an excellent efficiency rate for up to 99.9% if it’s not 100 percent. Gas boiler works as it’s assigned while electric boilers work in modulation where it only consumes power as much as your property need to maintain the comfort or as it’s preset. In term of cost, a gas boiler is cheaper but the electric boiler consumes the energy more efficiently and you pay exactly what you’ve consumed. In other hands, gas boilers still consume electricity for the exhaust fan to flow the carbon emission out from your property. The only factor makes electric boilers having a higher running cost is solely the higher electricity tariff per unit.

Economical Measures

Except for the running cost, electric boilers seem to beat gas boilers in every economical measure, especially in the long run. Gas boilers need you to pay gas meter stand charges while you’d pay nothing for electric boilers. Furthermore, gas boilers have a range of parts which are also targeted for repairs and replacement including the burners, air pressure switch, gas valve, and other mechanical parts which lead to expensive prices. Even though there are still chances of electric boilers needing such repairs or services, the parts and costs are way cheaper. That’s, in the long term of usage, an electric boiler could be more economical than gas boilers. However, it also depends on the size and capacity of the heating system installed in your property.

Practical Measures

Practical measures are another winning area of electric boilers majorly related to the installation stage. While gas boilers need at least the gas burner and flue to install, electric boilers need none of them. The flue installation can be costly if you have a taller building not mention to if you have to install an extended pipeline to reach the gas grid. Electric boilers can be installed in your interior wherever you can access it to monitor and configure conveniently as they come with compact design and consume less space. Gas boilers are placed separately from your comfort space like in the basement or even separate building due to a noise operation while the electric boiler is silently heating your room and water.

Safety Measures

For some reasons, electric combi boilers have better safety measures than the gas version. While gas boilers can’t avoid generating CO emissions, electric boilers are obviously greener and don’t require any such CO detectors. You’ll need an annual inspection for your gas installation but there are still risks of a gas leak while electric boiler has no such issues. In other hands, electric boilers also come with additional features to ensure hot water quality output.